BassBoss Main PictureLoudMouth Rentals is proud to announce the addition of Austin-Owned BASSBOSS Powered Loudspeaker Systems to our rental lineup!

LoudMouth Founder and Owner, Dan Yates, shares his excitement about the additions: “This is huge for us, BASSBOSS represents the highest fidelity and craftsmanship in the industry. The gear is super-rugged, it’s beautiful, it’s simple to use and it sounds so damn good it’s startling. I love that they are a hometown Austin business and I’m honored to offer BASSBOSS to my customers.”

BassBoss Body PictureBASSBOSS was founded by Austin, TX based, life-long loudspeaker enthusiast David Lee based on his interest in designing and building subwoofers. In the intervening years, David has continued to develop and extend the BASSBOSS line, and now is designing exceptional quality, high-fidelity loudspeakers of all types.

BASSBOSS CEO Lian Amber is a skilled entrepreneur who has worked in many aspects of the music industry. Using experience developed through running a record company for a decade, she brings extensive expertise in marketing, publicity, graphic design and administration.

BASSBOSS loudspeaker systems are a proven industry leader, having been chosen to provide legendary live sound for the most extraordinarily demanding music in the most extreme environments for the past decade. BASSBOSS systems have powered stages at ULTRA Music Festival in Miami for seven years and Burning Man for five years. BASSBOSS has designed and delivered powerful and efficient sound systems to the high-end club market. Their signature brand of sonic intensity can be experienced right here in Austin at Kingdom Nightclub, Empire Garage, Highland Lounge, and close to 25 other venues.